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Tire Safety Fact
More than half of drivers -- 55 percent -- wrongly believe that the correct inflation pressure is printed on the tire sidewall.
The correct tire pressure for your vehicle is printed on a sticker that is usually located on one of the front doors, the center pillar (where your front door latches), or in the glove compartment. The correct tire pressure will also be printed in your Owners Manual.
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We have 14", 15" 16", 17" and 18"tires available
We have all sizes and brands of pre-owned tires in stock, including SUV and light truck tires. 30 day money back guarantee.
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  • Singles starting at $25
  • Matched sets starting at $120
  • Matched pairs starting at $60
  • Prices Out The Door*

*Price includes taxes, installation, balancing and mounting.

We also carry a full line of rims from
Wheel Pros.