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Auto Diagnostics in Johnsburg, IL

Auto Diagnostics | Quality Tire Service

Check engine lights serve an essential function of alerting you when a complication arises with your vehicle that needs professional attention. There are a number of reasons your car will illuminate the check engine light, and the light itself will not explicitly reveal the issue with your vehicle. As soon as you see this pesky light turn on, get your vehicle into our shop. Ignoring a small problem now can turn into more vehicle damage and costly repairs later on. At Quality Tire Service in Johnsburg, IL, we are the experts when it comes to computer diagnostics and can get right to the source of the issue and fix the problem in a timely manner.

Vehicles have essential computer systems that connect to sensors that release electrical signals. These electrical signals help monitor your cars’ primary operations and components. Issues with a significant part of your vehicle will notify your computer system, signaling your check engine light to turn on. Do not ignore your vehicle’s check engine light when it turns on. You may not be experiencing any specific symptoms; however, there could be something major going on internally.

With the combination of our brand-new Snap-On Zeus diagnostic scanner, we now can reset most torque angle sensors, steering angle sensors, brake pedal sensors, anti-lock brake modules, yaw rate sensors, and electronic stability control sensors. Quality Tire Services is the only shop in Johnsburg, Illinois that has the Snap-On Zeus diagnostic scanner, which makes us the superior choice in automotive diagnostics! Our team of skilled technicians will inspect the problem area and run tests that determine what repairs your car needs to restore it to its best operating condition.

Quality Tire Service has been in the automotive repair and service industry for over 60 years. Our family-owned and operated shop genuinely cares about your safety and the condition of your vehicle. We are the trusted Johnsburg, IL automotive repair specialists when it comes to computer diagnostics for all car makes and models. When you bring your vehicle into our shop for a check engine light problem, we will provide you with an accurate reading and a full transparent estimate of our work for your approval before we begin.

You do not have to go to the car dealership if your vehicle needs diagnosing - bring your vehicle to Quality Tire Service! Our repairs are backed with an incredible 3-year/36k mile warranty and we have financing options available. Contact our friendly front office staff for more information. We proudly serve McHenry, Richmond, Spring Grove, Fox Lake, Volo, Ringwood, and Wonder Lake.

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